Smartify your building operations.

SensoDrive’s smart platform aggregates and reports on  building data, maximizes maintenance efforts and increases revenue.

  • Pick the modules you need. Grow later.
  • Reduce 90% of paper wasted in parking management
  • Powerful deep-dive reporting. Anywhere.
  • Increase vendor performance


of properties experience parking management pain.

100% of them should probably enhance their property’s value with SensoDrive Park.

Parking tracking, monitoring & enforcement

Mobile Visitor Parking Management

Maintenance and Budget Tracking

Tired of seeing your package intake issues stack up?

SensoDrive Package automates 80% of the parcel intake and distribution process.

SensoDrive Automated Move in and Move Out Property Management

Schedule, track and coordinate moves like a ninja.

Take the headache out of moving by centralizing move in and move outs via mobile.

Leak prevention starts with risk awareness.

Identify possible water leaks, reduce insurance costs and reduce water wastage.

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