Empowering sustainable, smart building practices

by providing aggregated sensor and intelligence driven data insights.

  • Predictive reporting and recommendations  on cost savings, revenue opportunities and unsustainable wear and tear issues
  • Identifying and unlocking operating cost savings & new revenue opportunities
  • Quality of life enhancing and performance optimizing tools for residents, visitors, caretakers and management alike.

Bringing smart technology to commercial and residential parking infrastructure.

Putting infrastructure data to work.

Save on operating costs, maximize common area asset performance, and identify new revenue opportunities.

By removing inefficiencies and making the information flow portable, SensoDrive help’s reduce time wastage by 30%

  • Profitability through improved property performance

    Scalable solutions that identify operating cost savings & new revenue opportunities

  • Improved budget forecasts

    Budget forecasting with in-depth short and long term predictive data analysis

  • Enhanced insight into staff and asset performance

    By combining a range of IoT sensors and automated data collection, the SensoDrive platform tells you what your assets are doing, and how they can be improved.

  • Canadian and focused on sustainability

    By reducing waste, wear and tear and predictively suggesting green tech enhancements, SensoDrive is the perfect companion in making your facility sustainability compliant.

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